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Wagon Wednesday - playing with my setup

This week my wagon Wednesday post is less about the wagon (though I love me some Datsun), but more about the light and the setup.


I admit it, the suggestions that others have made lately about "get more light" and "a little photo editing goes a long way" are right on the money. No matter what you're using as a camera better light and a bit of photo editing will really make your die-cast photos pop. Then there are the other things you can do. A plain white background can be good, but it can also lend itself to blown out highlights and if shooting a white car, loss of detail.

I will admit to liking a clean-look when I'm shooting little cars, but I also like to add in a little something to make the background a part of the image. I actually keep several different sheets of foam-core board to change up the background depending on my mood or what I'm shooting. In this case I pulled out a sheet of plexiglass I got for a project a while back and put it down on top of several different surfaces to get different reflections. The best bay far is a black base with white background...

I recommend getting creative. Those with dioramas are already spicing up their backgrounds and making things interesting. The rest of us just need to mix it up a little.

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