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Turbo Teusday: Swedish Fish

From the second I saw this Volvo 850 casting teased, I knew I had to have it. Volvo wagons are a classic. Their boxy shape and roof-height taillights are timeless designs loved by many. The 850r is no acception.

One of my main struggles with this car was choosing a color, but the second I saw the pale canary yellow, I knew it was set in stone. This car is a must for all collectors, but there are a couple of issues. For one, half of the car is plastic. For customizers, this is no issue, but if you like your car to have weight to it and the top and bottom to be the same shade, this isn’t for you. However, besides that, the car is immaculate. All the little details that should be there are there. In the back, you can find a spare tire and a fire extinguisher. There is also a racing seat in place of the driver seat, which happens to be on the right hand side of the car.


I just adored all the details that were present on the real 850r, so I knew I had to replicate them at 1:64 scale. All around are hand-painted details, including the rear taillights and the front Volvo badge. I decided to give it my own little flavor by adding window stickers (Who’s gonna send me a 1:64 Lald sticker?) and custom Kreauto wheels. Once this car hits pegs, please buy it so I don’t have to. This is an amazing casting that I am sure many of you will enjoy and create amazing customs with. Make sure to check this and my other work out on Instagram, @dbtcustomz. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice day.


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