In the top image is the diecast display in my bedroom. Until today, it was split between wagons and Cool Classics. However, something important happened on Monday that caused this to change.

See, the display holds 60 cars. I was approaching 60 wagons, but not quite there yet. I had contemplated just making it a “long-roof” display and including vans and such (and honestly, my definition of wagon is kind of generous to include my beloved ‘32 Ford delivery). But then Frosted dropped the wagon goodness.

He’d put these wagons for sale on the Facebook page. I only one (in the back left) and had been wanting the others for quite some time, so I jumped on it. He mentioned that because he was “late” shipping, he’d dropped a couple other things in too. So I get the box and immediately notice the brightly colored things:


Although I already had both of these, I was quite pleased since I definitely wanted another Chevy for customizing. Then I realized there were more white wagons in the box. Wait, what?

Heck yeah AW!

So 9 wagons for the price of 5, I’m very cool with that.


I knew that that would put me over the 60 line. However, I had also received a package from vdubyajohn:

These are wagony, but destined for the stripper, so they will not be going in the display anyway.


This wagon needed a little love:

Most of that came off with some toothbrushing, but then I forgot to take a picture because a child needed the bathroom.


So then it was time to re-do the display. It came off the wall and the back came off:

There’s not a heck of a lot of rhyme or reason to how I put things in, except I tried to keep them in groups. I put the woodies on the bottom because those spaces are a bit taller and the woodies are taller and two have roof tampos:


Nomads on the top:

Here’s the end result:


My initial plan was to pull the Mooneyes cars, which I will do eventually as I have some definitely non-wagon Mooneyes stuff and those will be displayed together, but not yet. I started running out towards the end, so I put them back in. Afterwards I remembered a couple wagons that I’d forgotten, so yeah, I’ll have to redo it at some point. And yes, the Mooneyes van isn’t really a wagon, but I had an M2 Ground Pounders Nomad that was too wide to go in the display, so that kind of evens things out.

Back on the wall. It’s really challenging getting good pictures in my bedroom because of the lighting and glare.


There’s the extra wagon.