Oh, and a bookshelf.

I bought the Wagoneer for my wife. Well, she's got the Kingswood Estate as well. We share.

Anyway, I had the idea of adding some stuff to the Wagoneer's roof rack. We came up with the idea of making the bookshelf that her grandfather made that's currently in our possession. So I did the measurements, converted it to 1/64 scale and built it out of real wood! I used a sheet of balsa wood from a modeling pack of wood pieces I got a while ago. I stained it, though there are some light spots from where the super glue kept out the stain. I might fix that.

I didn't actually compare it to the Jeep while I built it, so it was neat to see how perfectly it fits on the rack! It also can be placed in the back with the tailgate down, albeit at an angle. Once I've customized the Jeep I'll have to attach it to the roof and make some cords or rope for it to hold it down.


I pulled the hitch off of the car that came with the airstream and I plan on attaching it to the Kingswood, after it gets slightly customized.


And here's my STH Nova wagon bustin' out!