After a relatively unsuccsessful early morning Hawl the big blue bin had a few hidden gems waiting, especially at the bottom. Some of the HW 50th cars are really impressive. Went out looking for Cruella and “Merdcetes-Bentz!” 190E and found nothing, beginning to think those are all spoken for as we approach the holidays. I wont give up that easily, cause let’s face it, just hunting for theses is fun. Way more fun than going on amazon or ebay. There’s just something about going to the store and getting the car that moment instead of paying, waiting a week or more, worring if it’s damaged, and then finally getting it its just so UGGGG, hurry up already. Shipping is usually killer as well. The satisfaction of finding a rareity at that moment is great, especially at grocery stores. You get the judgemental looks from employees and soccor moms, but it puts the fun into day off errands that generally suck. Like “here, have a dream car with that toothbrush and shower floof sir.” My go to response to the possible judgement that I have stored in the back of my head is “it’s my son’s birthday tomorrow” even though that’s bull, and no one actually says anything. Still wish TRU was open. They had the best 1:64 diecast selection (obviously), hopefully they really are fooling us because they did have some gems in the back of the shelvs there. If they are fooling us, then my future son’s birthday diecast will for sure be bought there some day. 😎