So today I found out from my Dad that Walgreen’s had some discounted Bburago cars for 40% off. So I hopped into my truck and drove down to take a look. Looking through them, the only one I was into was the F50 so I grabbed the Ferrari Red one and took it to the register. So with the discount, and some built up rewards points. I got the car for 4 dollars and fifty cents. Not bad at all.

I have seen this car on the shelf since early December. Walgreen’s had a decent Bburago display for the holidays, but at 14.99 i wasn’t a buyer. I wasn’t a buyer last month when they were 20% off. But with Walgreen’s points and 40% off, I was in.

Now it’s not the most detailed model, but I wasn’t expecting a Autoart casting.


It looks pretty nice for less than five bucks!



It’s nice enough of a diecast to put a smile on to your face.

Thank you for the read!

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