Big things with little cars

Wally World Tomica, round two

This time I found:

78 Subaru Impreza

70 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

48 Nissan Note

94 Toyota C-HR

13 Lexus RC F

Not shown in the above picture was the 6th car of the new lot, a Panda truck:


But I decided to leave the Panda truck there, because I felt bad about buying them completely out of stock again (and $21 is enough to spend on die cast cars for one day; my girlfriend bought the Impreza for herself!).

Oh and the Matchbox Jeep hopped in my cart while I was grabbing all the foreign hotness. I couldn’t say no!

Fun fact: these Tomica cars have different UPCs for different models. I looked at my receipt and they ring up as the make/model of the specific car. The Matchbox Jeep, on the other hand, wasn’t even listed as a Matchbox; it rang up as a “HOTWHEEL”.

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