...still no D case models at my local Walmart, but they DID stock up on the new Star Wars cars (thankfully the majority of the bin was still mainlines, though they’re C ones), and on top of that, the new 9 car Gift Packs are in.

The one I went to only had two of the same pack, but it’s a pretty darn good one:

- ‘72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (red multipack exclusive, recolor of the 2016 Muscle Mania model)

- Lancia Stratos (grey multipack exclusive, apparently a modified and updated version based on the 2008 Mystery Models version)

- ‘68 Dodge Charger 500 (green, D case mainline)

- Lamborghini Veneno (blue multipack exclusive, recolor of the 2015 Thrill Racers version)


- Audacious (red multipack exclusive, recolor of it’s 2003 First Editions paint scheme)

- ‘85 Honda CR-X (the ‘Rasta’ color scheme, multipack exclusive, recolor of the 2016 Night Burnerz scheme)

- ‘79 Camaro Z28 (blue multipack exclusive, appears to be a slightly altered recolor of the 2011 Hot Ones version, with the Z28 logo replaced with a Hot Wheels logo)


- ‘68 COPO Camaro (purple multipack exclusive, recolor of an earlier 2017 multipack exclusive)

- Twin Mill (red, D case mainline)

So, it seems many of the multipack exclusives are diving back into the last couple decades of HW designs with new colors and variations of older paint schemes. Could this be another part of celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary?


7 of the 9 are multipack exclusive, the other two are D case mainline models, and only two of the cars are HW original designs, with the other seven being licensed cars from Chevrolet (2), Dodge, Ford, Honda, Lamborghini, and Lancia.

If the 9 packs keep up like this with all of these quality models, it might be worth collecting 9 packs in the upcoming year as well as other HW cars and sets.