Big things with little cars

Walmart JL NOS and more

Last night I hit a Walmart that had a fresh Johnny Lightning case and what do you know it had a WL in it!

I guess Walmart is getting old 2016 cases in cause acrossed some Face book pages I’ve seen a few of these Novas WL pop up in the cases.


Just before hitting the Wally I was at a local Friday night show and picked up a few lose goodies

The interesting thing is this Matchbox Feild car


It looks to be a transitional piece that was a left over orange painted car that got repainted to the olive green. I thought it was kid painted but you can see in the rivit post has orange and on the inside the green over spray and no bleed over paint on the base. I guess even in the 1970’s Matchbox was using cost cutting measures to save a few bucks. Instead of casting new bodies or stripping the paint they just painted over them.

Also picked up this 24 count car case not too bad of shape just some splitting where the handle goes in but that should be an easy fix.


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