The same walmart, on the way home, was like a totally different store during restocking time!

Pallets at the end of every aisle in the toy dept. Wait, what’s that?

Hot Wheels case? Hidden down in the center of the boxes...yes!

Contains 10 pcs? Another Car Culture case? Nope...


Just $2.14 recolor-mainline cars. Oh well. Might as well get myself some good karma...

I was observed doing this, and a stock person pointed out some boxes I might be interested in...


Two unmolested cases of M2 Coca Cola goodness!


One VW Bus in case, one potato cam in hand...

Second case was full of Coca Cola Semi Rigs. Have a Coke...NOW!!!


Euro Speed cars on a second tour...(third?)

Lastly, a few 1:24 M2 Vws. Nice to find, but too large for my collection.

That is all.