Guys, I have an idea of how I can help you to get that Datsun, since prices on eBay are ridiculous. It won’t be that cheap, since intercontinental shipping is hefty, but it’ll be more reasonable.

If you’re interested, you can shoot me an email at this address. What I’m thinking is to, if you’re interested, you send me an email, transfer me the money through paypal and I buy and ship it. I’m not looking to make a profit of those, only to help you my fellow friends to get this otherwise hard to get model.

The Datsun is running for R$119.90, and since it’ll be shipped alone in a box (with some freebies I might throw in), it’ll certainly weigh less than 500 g (~1 lb), which means the shipping to North America will be R$83. This brings the total to R$202.9 BRL. Shipping to Europe will cost R$83 as well.

By today’s exchange rate, R$202.9 BRL is equal to $61.9 USD. I’ll have to round it to $65 USD because I’ll have to pay the PayPal taxes to check out the money and to buy the shipping box and bubble wrap.

EDIT: I forgot to sum up the shipping from Coleciona, where it’s been sold to where I live. It’ll be an extra R$15.5 BRL, or about $5 USD, so the grand total sums up to $70 USD.


I know it isn’t exactly cheap, but compared to the evil bay, it seems more reasonable.

I was thinking of buying one or two to put up for trade here, but since I’m not really interested in this Datsun and this trade could raise some ruckus, I think this is the best way for I to help you with this :)

But if you really want it, you better act fast. We don’t know how many Datsuns (Datsii?) are for sale on Coleciona Brinquedos.