So a friend is visiting Tokyo and I have shamelessly asked him to get me some model cars from Akihabara, where he is gonna go for dinner some 12-15 hours from now.

I can get lot of Tomica and Tomica Premiums like I have in the past, but I want to hear advice on other possible options.

I am primarly into racing cars in 1/43 and 1/64, and while Super Silhouettes are right now on the top of my bucket list, any race cars are good enough.

My budget is like $50.

So kind people of LaLD that have shopped for diecasts in Tokyo, please help me with some answers.

a. Where should I ask my friend to go in Akihabara to find great deals on diecasts - any specific stores?


b. Apart from Tomica/Tomica Premium and Kyosho, what other brands should I ask him to look for?

Here are a few pictures for your trouble! This is a Kinsmart Porsche 356 B Carerra 2.