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Honeymoon is Over Before it Can

EDIT: I thought it was all fixed so that I could just log in to LaLD on chrome browsers. Worked yesterday.
Nope. Here we go again. This was what I got today, coming on the heels of yesterday’s fresh bookmark...

I know I can click on the email link and get a new magic link....sigh

I’ll wait until I have something positive to contribute and try again...

I have tried, many times, to “join” DriveTribe. I actually posted once on LaLD there. Now, I’m the red-headed stepchild.


I’m running Chrome ver 76 point blah, blah, blah., on an Acer Chromebook. Totally up to date. Same thing on my old HP laptop, Chrome 76.

Up until today, I’ve had to request a new link every single time I wanted to participate.

However, now, when I click to request another “Magic Link” I get sent to the front page of DriveTribe. No LaLD.
Same with clicking on the login link under the blank avatar, just the front page.
So, IS THERE a way to join that would let me just JOIN without the emails. Kinja sucked, but I could get in every time.
Is it my stupid dad jokes...?


Photo for your time:

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