This project has been a pain in the butt.

I am really bad at detail painting

The warped base has been talked about, but not explained. So... I found a pic on my phone that should explain what I’m talking about.

The body had a Zamac growth pushing on the base for too long. Warping it on one side which made this probably the worst car for this project. I didn’t want to be beaten by a tiny piece of metal, so I broke out the lighter.


I was drinking a lot of “soda” that day so I actually was fixing the wrong side. Stupid Noodles! This made for a lot more fixing, and I never really got it straight.


It still needs tubes for the axles. The front one came from the rear of a 911. GT3 I think. It’s a bit long.

I got the middle wheels to fit by cutting into the back seats. Such a smooth cut, I should be a surgeon.


It’s just a smidge longer than the shorty Cougar. I’ll be making more shorty’s. That was fun.


There’s a racecar interior being fitted to a GTI.

This color shifting paint is pretty sweet.


Last but not least. Dtg11 I have room for 1 more in the box. Which one of these do you want?

Have a wicked Wednesday.