Yesterday, I was privileged to participate in the wedding of a close friend, one of the leading experts in the Japanese classic car community and a total diecast freak. He and his new bride left no detail unconsidered in creating their perfect ceremony and reception, one that would reflect the many facets of their personalities. Did it work? Well, check out what they used as name cards for table assignments:

The name tags attached to each car were replicas of vintage jukebox selection cards that were matched to a 45rpm record that identified each table. As for the cars, each was specifically chosen for a particular guest...that’s how obsessive the couple was were about detail. For example, did you notice the Tomica Honda Odyssey back there? That was for a van-crazy friend from Minnesota. So, what kind of car did I get?

I got an HW first-gen NSX. Why? It’s a harbinger of a 1:1 something that might be appearing in my driveway soon. (No, not an NSX, but...well, hopefully you’ll see.)


Folks, if you’re getting married any time soon, you should aspire to this level of handcrafted detail in your reception. The bar has been raised!