Big things with little cars

Wednesday mess.

Here’s some current project progress. After a great conversation with Herr Quattro over IG earlier, I ended up getting some pictures of what’s on my bench at the moment. Here’s a quick recap.

Warhol m1 almost finished!


Wheels choice decided for McLaren! Just need to find a staggered set now! Email me if you have a set of the large back wheel version of this wheel! Nateunderconstruction at Gmail or DM my IG. Color doesn’t matter.

Sry, splitter is sagging a bit. It’s not attached.

This one has been fun!


Okay, it you have one of these, it looks so much better without the red tampos on the hood/roof/wing/doors. Some acetone and a qtip worked great, the car is laquered so it’s still protected! Make sure to leave the sweet gt3rs side stripe.

Thanks lald and Herr Quattro!

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