Big things with little cars

Picked up some hot wheels over the weekend and finally found the crazy 07 Ford Mustang I’ve been looking for.

There’s a blank number roundel on the other side that reminds me of the Nissan Fairlady Z tampos.

I love this thing just because of the crazy factor. I think one of them may have to have the smiley face headlights enhanced (if they’re actually there) or added.


Next up, the Leap Year Chevelle. More on that car in a follow-up post.

They’ve done a really good job on this one. Or did they?

Next I found the Heritage Redline Nova Wagon.

The color combo and scallops make this car a looker, imho.

How about a sweet Nova Delivery?

Yeah, I couldn’t pass up a half-price repackage.

And finally, sort of, the recent VW 5-pack.

There is nothing I don’t like in this pack, but the Custom VW Beetle and Type 181 really hooked me.

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!

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