Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Weekend HAWL

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I headed to Walmart this weekend and found the new Ford Raptor, some trucks from the Trucks series, and picked up a Falcon Club Wagon from M2.


I hadn’t known that the Trucks Series had arrived, as I was expecting it not to arrive in Canada based on how people in the U.S. posted about getting their hands on them a month ago, so it was a pleasant surprise. The only 2 that I wanted, the ‘79 Ford F-150 and the Datsun 620 were both there, although the 2 Datsuns left didn’t have the best paint and tampos. If I find a nicer one, I might put this up for trade for anyone that doesn’t mind doing a bit of touch-up, or customizing. Also, I finally picked up a Falcon Club Wagon - I had seen them several times before, but they always seemed to have bad paint or tampos, but this one turned out fine.

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