Big things with little cars

Weekend Hawl

Did a little hunting this weekend with the family and found some good stuff. Found the new Matchbox 5 pack at Target and the carded HW at Target. I also finally was able to get a hold of the Corvette Grand Sport and the Ford GT from Walmart’s mystery packs.

The winners of the selection are the sapphire blue Jag from the 5 pack, 64’ imapala art car, and the Grand Sport even though it has and ORANGE windshield....really!?!?


The Jag is just incredible and the color is perfect, was only going to get one and then I saw it in person and bought all 3 packs I found. The details on the Grand Sport are awesome, I just have to find the best way to paint the windshield. On a side note can mbx tampos removed the same way HW are using a dry erase marker. A few better pictures of the 5 pack, the Jag and the GS


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