Big things with little cars

Weekend hawl and then some

I’ve been picking up some casts here and there and thought I’d share.

Trucks! The Chevy is conspicuously missing from this group because I dont like it. I dont like the dumped full size truck look in scale or real life.
My daughter started watching this show and I got drawn in a bit. It’s a fun show and this car is as much a part of the cast as any of the actors. The “Enochian” script (yeah, I had to look that up) keyed into the side gives it a bit of extra character.
Panther Pink Challenger. That’s a good looking car right there.
Second release of the Family Truckster. I had to DLM it so you could see “Honky Lips” on the side. Love that movie!
Four cars from the 80's. The two on the left are Hi-Rakers. All are in well used condition but at $5, I couldn’t pass them up. There’s’s still a lot of meat left on these bones.
Purple Passion in purple with Real Riders! Also a Mustang I didn’t have and a HW Shelby Cobra Daytona in proper dress.
And finally, a few HW I found at Target. Two regular Treasure Hunts and a Super! Odd that the sidekicks had been gone through when I found these. And some MBX I found at Dollar Tree.

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!

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