Big things with little cars

Weekend Hawls

My parents were in town this weekend so we were all over town being tourists, so I made a few stops along the way and found some good stuff. I grabbed a few more Gulf McLaren GTR’s for the stash. Finally came across a few more of the MBX 35’ Ford Pickups for customs. The 50th favorites we $.60 each at King Soopers, so I can’t pass up the wheel donors. Stubbled across the M2 Machines Bootlegger Chase, it mush have been a return because it was the only one they had. Last but certainly not least, my second VW T2 pickup $TH. I have yet to see this one in a regular but I’m not complaining.

Final picture is my little good luck charm, she was with me for all my finds this weekend, minus the 50th favorites.


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