Back row, all Mattel, middle row, all Majorette, front row, Playart 240Z parts car, Zee/Zylmex Volvo, Summer Pontiac GTO, and unknown Porsche 911. (The 911 may be a Soma, but I’m not sure.) I already have the GTO, but this one says Letraset Products in very tiny type on the hood.
I used to use Letraset products (rub on typefaces) for work, so I had to get it.

Mystery 959. I’ve never seen a diecast 959 where the rear spoiler/wing is a separate plastic piece. That solves the flow through vs solid chunk of zamac school of thought on how to render this detail.

I found one like it on the bay, but it’s listed as unbranded. Anybody here know who made this one?
The Playart 240Z parts car is one I’ve been patiently hunting for some time now. I already have a halfway decent one, but it’s missing a headlight, which is part of the front bumper.


It’s just a “bit” worn and the license plate is missing, but I’ll re-chrome it with my chrome pen and see how it goes.


Happy Hunting!