Alright...another rendition of a mega hawl. Man this antique mall is starting to break the bank with its awesomeness...

Just to start off with anyone who wants to do some HWEPing,

My list of stuff available for trade (a few gems are in here after this week, let's see if anyone can find em ;) ):…

My list of stuff that I am looking for:…

Now back to the hawl!!!

This was only $1 more than the others.... what a steal!!!! It's so great!!!

If you can't tell...I'm a Viper fan, so this one was a nice find, and for the same price as the other mainlines!


Of course I am a sucker for Hot Wheels Classics and the spectraflame...



With the firechicken on the hood!


Ooooo, shineyyyyy

I have one of these loose in green, but this blue is exquisite...


Finally a '58 corvette without the engine sticking out!

Orange Judge... mmmmmmmmmm


Karmann Ghia drag car...super cool

Found some Cool Classics to add to my collection too! (Still looking for the Buick concept though...)


I have passed on the Straight Pipes many times, but for some reason I finally noticed how awesome that green paint is.


Red COPO Camaro!

Sweet Firebird


First time I have seen this gen of Thunderbird. Two-tone paint is awesome (everything above the sills is silver)

To go along with my loose BAT, one on the card!


Sweet VW

This Gasser is pretty awesome, love all the tampos


EHRMEGERRRDD, Toyota Pickup!

Treasure Hunt Avanti!


I've wanted the GTS forever and finally found one! This is part of the Hot Wheels Collectables collection where they are on stands and in a case. I have a Custom Firebird I will showcase on here one day.

Yes the hood doesn't line up very well... but the clamshell opens, so there's that!


Reasonable detail on the engine

So yeah, all in all another good week in my hawl dept. Nearly to the point where I need another bin... oh so close to needing another...must... stop.