Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Welcome Package Ver 2.0

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Hello and welcome to LaLD! If you’re new, give this post a read! If you’re a usual, have a refresher course!


So Lald has some guidelines for use. This isn’t the Wild West like other forums. The idea is actually pretty straight forward, we are kid-centric. So if a kid shouldn’t see it, then please don’t post it.

Next up is the image usage. Unlike Oppositelock, we don’t want people taking random internet pics. It becomes a a hassle because that super sweet image you found belongs to someone else. In fact, just take your own pics, it’s way more fun! :D


Now if you are new to LaLD, we use a lot of abbreviations. Here is a dictionary to help you out.

Lastly, tags are a great way to easily sort and find old posts. I heavily suggest you use them.


TL:DR, keep it kid friendly, use your own images, abbreviations make life easier, and tags are encouraged.

Happy diecasting!

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