Big things with little cars

Welcome the 2017 Hot Wheels Case E

Photo from T-hunted.

Starring the Magnus 277 911, Sung Kang’s custom Maverick, a recolored ‘17 Ford GT, a Huayra Roadster with a red interior, and featuring Dominic Toretto, a Mooneyes Camaro drag racer (Y U no disc wheels?), a rustbucket T2 pickup, and the good ol’ 180SX.


This also marks the case where the Mercedes-AMG GT3 shows up. I still do not like the livery, and will hold out for something classier. The Mazda pick-up gets its first recolor here, and we get the biggest steelies with the tooned VW Beetle. Oh, and the Kenmeri Skylineis a $uper. Not that it matters, I mean would you even find that thing?

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