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Well Deserved Field Trip...

If I do say so myself. I’ve done a lot of work on the house recently. Well, one room. But it can be a lot of work for an old retiree, so I’ve found that a couple hour break at the indoor outdoor flea and vacuum repair was in order.
And I found a thing...:

...I think. Tomica No. 17 Cherry X-1. Poor thing rolls with a bit of an over-steer. I’ve seen the inserts missing on wheels before, but never has the hub been there after the tire said buh bye. My first question was going to be, where’s the damn rivet?
Then I looked it up in the bay and found that while there aren’t a lot of these things up for grabs today, the few (mint w/box examples) I saw are not going cheaply. So I’m holding off on the resto-mod until I know.
Great casting though, has CHERRY on both sail panels and both license plates. I like finding castings of cars that were relatively unknown here in the US, yet probably a well known car at home. I’m too tired to do the background check.
Maybe it’s just an off week for Cherrys on/in the bay. Also, there were these:


Row the first: Yatming Mercedes 450SEL, HWs Blown Camaro, HWs Ferrari Enzo, another Playart Corvette. Row the other: a weird MBX Fish Bus kinda thing that I thought was cool, a RC FRED (from Scooby Doo) Ford Bronco with some EXCELLENT (for non real riders) donor wheels (attention customizers),
a POLICIA variation of the Escort Rally that I’ve never seen before, and what I think/thought is/was the armored car from the Dick Tracy series. But, it says Hasbro on the base and I thought the DT series was from Ertl...?
Last, but not least, this poor old blackwall Hiway Hauler.

The tab that held that third axle must have broken on the last move with Mayflower. Now it looks like its diaper needs


Rear doors still work though...I’ll give it a home for now.

EDIT: When I was trying to look up more information on this casting, the first entry on Google was Fintail’s Review here on LaLD


EDIT #2: Where is the damn rivet??

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