2nd UPDATE: Talked with HW over Twitter. They’re issuing refunds, though the CSR didn’t seem to know that these cost $5 each instead of $1. They said these can’t be replaced, which makes sense. I suspected that another manufacturing run would be unprecedented. Still, someone in Thailand is probably getting a crap performance review for this.

The other post on here says they’re soft rubber, and can possibly be bent back into shape. Will try that soon. If that’s the case, then it’s probably better to DLM the one I’m keeping sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Haven’t confirmed, but a guy on Ernstagerm says that when you take the rear cover off it’s very easy to fix the wing. Will wait and see but perhaps this was all a tempest in a teacup.

My case from A&J arrived today, and the rumors were true. The 787Bs are shipping with a totally bent rear wing.



I heard a rumor about this and it seems to be true. Now, I know the rear hatch opens to reveal the engine, so maybe the wing sits loose in there and can be straightened out. But I’m not sure I want to open it to find out if that might void my ability to return them.


Has anyone heard anything about this? They say they’re “guaranteed for life” but that may mean they’ll send me $12 whereas I’d rather have proper casts of the car.

Anyway, the set came in even, with 2 of everything, so while I try to sort this out I’m offering my doubles of the other 4 here for trade or sale (at $6 plus shipping).