While at a local hot wheels/die cast meeting I stumbled a crossed something that I thought was going to be a perfect donor casting for a custom

A 1999 Racing Champions Nitro-Streetrods featuring nWo wolf pack elite “Hollywood” Hogan display card with name and face on the sides

It has the Wolf pack nWo logo on the roof


Hollywood Hogan on hood and Bash at the Beach pay-per-view logo on rear doors


One of the few Racing Champions castings to be lifted off the base preventing the dreaded tire melting base issue that is very common with racing champions and others that sit rubber tires on clear plastic. Also has 1676 on the bottom not sure if that’s the batch or model code since RC didn’t have a serial number like green light has.

Like I said I was going to butcher this as a custom until I posted it to Instagram where a collecter of the old RC WCW/nWo cars commented he had never seen this before and had been collecting for years even back to when they where new. I looked on google and eBay and could not find this hogan van listed. Even past sales that pop up on google do not show the van or collection photos don’t have the van. I’m not calling it VHTF but could be that due to 1999 WCW was slowly going under and many Racing Champions tie ins where being sold on clearance that people just have forgotten about them. Either way it will escape the drill and cut off wheel and live on in it’s plastic prison.