Big things with little cars

Well... That didn't work out like I thought it would.

During my usual yard sale hunts... I try to pick up items that I think I could flip on eBay for easy profit. I thought this tin-toy in a box would be a SLAM DUNK for profit when I scored it for a paltry $12. Welp, turns out $12 is about what I likely will get if I flip it online. Lesson learned. Don’t be an impulsive moron alien like moi. Always (discreetly) check your smartphone for actual value before making the purchase.

Now I gotta test this car (it better freaking work!) and clean it up like crazy to see if I can get it in the $25 region. I should have took a step back when I saw it was made in China instead of Japan. Prices are all over the place on eBay for these suckers, but I’m pretty sure the car is in the lower tiers of value.

I post these things so you can succeed, my brothers and sisters, where I have failed.


Happy 4th BTW. <3


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