Big things with little cars

Well that was unexpected... HAWL

It’s still pretty cold here in Vermont and Yard Sale season is close, yet not quite here yet. Still, there was a yard sale advertised nearby today and we decided to pay a visit. Nothing good... BUT it got us out of the house and rolling which is good because I’ve been addicted to Fallout 4 and my wife is equally knees-deep in Skyrim. Good to get our lazy nerd asses out and about from time to time.

The yard sale was a bust so we drove down to Mass to look at some used cars and hit random flea markets & antique shops. It was a good trip! I scored all these cars for $1 ea or .50 ea. Lots of unexpected Redlines in bins and buckets. Enjoy the photodump.

This is probably my favorite find. Very minty Majorette Alpine A310. Excellent condition. I’ve wanted one of these for my collection for a while.
Not quite as minty... but still cool Majorette Mercedes 450SE
Yatming Audi Rally car.
Zylmex Ford Mark IV
Very Rough Porsche Carrera 6 by Corgi
Guisval Masirus Deutz. A pretty rare find here in the states.
Matchbox Renault 17
Matchbox Monteverdi
yeahhhhhhh Toyota MR2.
Very rough Mbx Baja Bouncer. might restore this one.
Haha Cooter. Chevy Fleetside by ERTL
MBX Mercury Wagon
Matchbox Toyota Celica GT Dragsters
HW Ultra Hots Redliner
HW Sizzlers Van
Good times indeed. Minitrek Camper.
It rolls in circles... which is ideal anyways.
Redline stocker
Redline Fleetside
Betnik Bandit. Dome is cracked but the engine isnt missing. which is cool
hotwheels Revvers? never heard or seen these before. Very odd.
Redline Gremlin <3 It’s pretty rough. but I love it anyways.

Next up... this truck is waaaaaaaaaay outside my normal collecting habits. But I could not resist. It ticks all the right boxes for me. Since I volunteer at a cat shelter, my love for cars and cats are pretty equal. So, when I saw this odd, unimog-like, off road beast with an ad on the side featuring a rather charming looking feline, it had to come home with me. I am not entirely sure what the product is or who makes this truck. There’s no company marking on the bottom and it’s mostly metal construction. It has a winding rod on the side next to the rear tires and a clockwork motor for forward propulsion. IT’S FREAKING ADORABLE!!! and may go on the shelf with my autoart cars <3


Thanks for looking! Can’t wait for engine week to start!

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