Finally dusted off the DSLR to take some slightly higher quality pictures.

Got a Custom Continental Mark III and a Mercedes 280SL. The Continental is a bit more worn but still has very much life left in her.

The 280SL was the subject of an earlier post of mine, but those pics I took were with a cell phone camera so I figured I’d throw up a few more taken in direct sunlight outside.


Going on 50 years old, the Spectraflame paint still gleams!

Now onto today’s new Acquisition, the Continental Mark III. I got this just to compare/contrast with my Neo-Classics Mark III. They’re very similar.


I actually like the play-worn patina on this old girl.


Not much gleam left in the paint on her, but she still rolls pretty well. I’ll replace the wheels eventually like I did on the 280SL, which should make a striking difference in overall appearance.

If this 49 year old toy car could tell stories, what would they be?


The old Mark III next to the recent reproduction. I think they’re both gorgeous in their own way.

One chromed-out engine bay, the other with a matte finish that seems nearly unaffected by the half century since its creation. We should all be so lucky.


For you Gremlin fans, I’m still working on acquiring materials to reproduce the torsion bar axle. I’m tempted to to throw in a straight axle from an older mainline car in the meantime, just to get her together. Since I’ll be using small button-head screws, it shouldn’t be an issue to take her apart at a later date when I finally succeed in building a new torsion bar axle.

Have a great day everyone!