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Welly Wednesday

Well, joy of joys, i found this 1/24 elan in the rite aid across the street from me, where they are usually broken or just so warm on the shelf that there may be a hip-hop song about them.


welly is super hit-or-miss, and for $10 i shouldn’t have, but the color and car said yarp. the wheels are particularly well done, and amidst shelves of poopily painted pull-backs, this elan was a winner.

the interior is obviously a mass of black, though the wheel has good detail with bolt patterning on the hub and even a wee colin bruce in the middle. the dash has gauges, and the stance is surprisingly correct.


there is, however, the issue of that particular abyss, with its unpainted and uncrinckled cam covers, but that is easily remedied with a dab of testors. the little chrome bits are not bad either, being left driver’s (?) door mirror, handles, gas cap, and wipers. other details are tampoed, and look alright, considering.

overall, it isn’t autoart, but it is a nice little catch. besides, it is the progenitor to the miata, so i can not actually be wrong.

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