So I have a few more models to find so I decided to check a few places to see if they have them in stock. Since I was told by TRU 2 weeks ago that they are resetting last week and will have a lot of new items this got me excited and since I wasn’t told which day of that week I gave them a one week period. So today I went to TRU and wouldn’t you know it there was hardly anything new. Doesn’t look like any reset on the die cast section. No Best of Matchbox or something like a GL VW type 2 from LOST. Saw a few Hitch and Tow but were not my type. Then went to 2 Target and that’s where I found some of my want list.

So I found 5 Hot Wheels. Got 3 from one Target and 2 from another. So the first 3 I got were recolors of previous releases.

I was looking for the recolored Chevy c10 and Chevy Luv as I already had the black and yellow and managed to find them. The Tesla wasn’t on my radar but decided to pick it up as it was blue and Matchbox also released a blue Tesla. Will probably compare the 2 in a future blog. Since all of them if I am not mistaken were from the F case which also included the Red Escort I was hoping to finally complete my hunt. Alas it was not to be as I believed they could have been taken early in the morning by possible scalpers as I was told by the employees that they always saw the same people coming in early in the morning to be at the Hot Wheels section.

So I went to another Target to check on the Red Escort and didn’t find one and nothing new that I have not seen from the previous Target. But something unexpected happened and was a surprise even to myself. I decided to check on the Matchbox singles as they have returned to our Target and while browsing happen to see a blue…. no actually 2 blue cards hiding behind and these are what I found.


The Peanuts featuring Snoopy. I’m wondering whether it was a mistake of one of the employees restocking the Matchbox singles or someone actually hid them there hoping no one can spot them and would likely return to pick them up. I probably know which one you guys would pick as the likely scenario.


So this had been a fun experience for me.