It was the first time I’ve ever gone to one; it’s best described as a country-themed Walmart. I went because mrsztp said they had a set like this (link below) at the store; an awesome Ertl Harvesting set, which appears to have a true scale 1/64 Combine Harvester (and everyone should know I LOVE true scale castings). Except, I was a bit disappointed.

Well, I was expecting a wide variety of castings, but they had stock like Tractor Supply + a bit more. That’s not to say it was bad, I was just bummed out. They did have some pretty cool castings though.

1/64 truck

I thought this truck was pretty cool. Apparently it is part of a set, and a tractor goes on the back. Unfortunately, since all the ertl castings are loose (aka, not in any packaging), lost pieces and damage more occur, :(.


1:64 dry spreader

I really liked this one. 1/64 scale, and looks pretty epic as a farm machine. If I had to pick one out of the bunch, it would be this one.


1/50 dump truck

Not sure why, but most construction castings are 1/50, which is a shame because I’d love a 1/64 one! Still a cool casting though.


1/64 (?) tractors

I have a John Deere tractor currently, but would love to add a few new tractors plus trailers. I think it will really flesh out the diorama, :).


1/64 tractor

Another tractor that caught my interest.

1.64 tractors


A couple more tractors that look incredibly cool!

1/64 (?) trucks


I’ve long debated about picking up some ertl trucks, but the level of detail is subpar when compared to GL. Though GL’s new H&T with the gooseneck trailer might just give ertl a run for its money.

1/50 wheel loader


Another cool 1/50 casting. It’s too bad I don’t really collect 1/50 castings, because I wanted to pick this one up!

At the end, I kept to my word to mrsztp and didn’t buy a casting. I was really scouting out new territory to shop at. Definitely worth a look if you like farm stuff. Which one caught your interest?