Big things with little cars

Went to WalMart for wheels Wednesday, found a wagon. Woohoo!

I wish MB hadn’t put a canoe on top of that sweet wagon. Now I have holes to fill and paint to match.

I love these wheels. They’ll find a new home soon (SLR won’t be drilled).

Cherokee for support

Damn canoe. I’m painting the Cherokee to match a coworkers. Needs stripped and holes filled. The Fleetwood wagon won’t be stripped, the holes are in the glass plastic. While I was out I test drove an Eclipse.

Edit: not a Fleetwood. My old eyes are failing me

I’ve always wondered what they were like. I’m too tall for it. The transmission was crap. Felt like a 4 cylinder even though it was a 6.

Quick question about paint stripping... Most HW strip pretty easily in about 15 minutes. I’ve been told to try aircraft stripper. Does it work on MB cars? I can’t get MB cars to strip at all.


After 15 minutes, the HW Aston’s paint has shriveled up like an ice cold nut sack. I can put that MB Beamer into the stripper for a week and it will look the same when I take it out. I’ve just been using steel wool on my MB cars. It’s time consuming and I can’t get the paint out of tight spaces that way. So, does something work on every car?

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