Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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With today being April Fools and all, I’m really skeptical. This could easily be an early prank posted yesterday. However, I thought it was still worth posting.


Now, let’s suppose one or both. rumors turn out to be true. Ideally, I think most of us would like it if that Ferrari rumor is true and the Toyota/Nissan is false.

If both rumors are true, it would mean welcoming back Ferrari, and, saying bye to Toyota and possibly Nissan. However, I don’t think Toyota or Nissan would leave as a big of a void as Ferrari did. Especially Nissan. M2 is coming out with Nissans and Datsuns. Greenlight has an R35, with a 240Z and an R34 on the way. Furthermore, Tomica/TLV and Kyosho are still around. In semse, it would be sad to lose them in the Hot Wheels line(and Mattel in general), but, we will still have good coverage at least for Nissan. Of course, it could all be false. We shall see.

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