Found some gems (at least for me) a few hrs ago at an antique shop.

My preferences are across the board, and usually lean towards the utility/everyday normal stuff. But this hawl had a few cars that I couldn’t pass up.


What do you guys think?!

Pic 1

Majorette euro ambulance (I can never pass these up, can’t wait to eventually build a diarama)


Maisto Cadillac DTS (for my BHPH lot)

Yatming Lambo Marzal

Maisto RX-7

Pic 2

Isuzu Rodeo

(Man listen, all this walking is hurting my feet. Ooh money looks sweet. Where? In the Isuzu jeep.”


MC Toy Nissan Mid 4 (anyone know this company??? I am almost positive the car museum by me has one of these parked next to a 300Z in race livery.)

BMW 850

Buick Riviera (inspired to repaint from a recent post)

Pic 3

Phantom Corsair (why is this even avail in anything besides black????)

Mattel 1970 Sidekick (there were a ton of these 70s fantasy castings there, this one fit my wedge fetish)


Matchbox Superfast Porsche 910

Hot wheels off-road van (with a wheel swap, ready for Burning Man)

Pic 4

Pair of Majorette semi trucks, badge is Bernard.

Pair of generic weird elongated Peugeot 205??? (They are like stretch 2dr coupes that should have rear doors and seats, but don’t!)


Pic 5

Speed Wheels boat and trailer

Some kind of showcar Stingray, stamped Corvette Stingray GMTM (is that just “General Motor, trademark”??)


Lesney shorty semi, minus the back

Bruder dump, minus the front

MBX generic box truck chassis, because we all need to eventually live in a custom camper


Oil tank, minus the rest of the truck

Zylmex Hino cement mixer

What do you think??? Total damage? Just over $10.