We had an historically busy week at work started out with a half day that turned into 13 hours Sunday, a flat tire Monday morning, got pulled over for no brake light Wednesday night, and got a little over 76 hours in six days. I made plans to go on a four by trail ride with my uncle in his jeep on saturday so I needed to get off work early enough Friday to meet him and our lake place and then go down to the trailhead the next morning but ended up working late again and still needed to replace the tire on my truck. So after making plans to meet up the next morning instead of the night before and roughing it at the lake place ended up at Wal-Mart to ge the tire replaced and went out to check a few things out plus pick up some supplies for the trail ride. I ended up with the three below.

I usually don’t go for Matchbox for some reason but the F-Body and the 510 were just so cool. I have been looking for the then and now RX-7's and found the FB but they called my name for the tire and I really needed to scoot or so I thought to get to the lake. So I bolted out of there and then got the call that the top and doors weren’t back on the jeep and it we would meet up in the morning instead of that night. I almost went back in after loading the tire and wheel into the truck but decided I should just go home.

Any way I was home about 15 minutes and the wife and oldest kid came home and had these for me.

Lo and behold the FD RX-7 to go with the then and now and another 620 that will get opened eventually. Oh and a picture from the trail.