I ask this question out of curiosity. I live in Portland (on the west coast) and I'm interested to know if the same cars just keep coming up again and again for people in other parts of the US/World.

For me, I can't get away from N cases at all. The

Fiat 500 (white)
Nissan Skyline Kenmeri
65 Chevy Impala (mainline, of course)
Let's Go
Rapid Response
Dude on a Skateboard
(this is probably 90% of what I come across. If it is at Dollar Tree, move that up to 98%)

At some other retailers like Wal-Mart and Target: good luck finding anything that is not an unloved fantasy model, Mustang or this Corvette:

What kind of cars do you keep encountering? Again and again and again.....

What would you say the car that is the easiest to find in your area is?