Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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What diecast should I get?

I put this in my BBW post but realized it’d probably get buried under the content of the post, so I’m posting it separately.

Diecast Select finally went out of business, selling their remaining stock to a single customer. Because I sat for too long, I didn’t end up buying the Coombs-Jaguar or the Saab. So I now have $48 in my diecast budget, and nothing to spend it on. I have a few ideas (Autozam AZ-1, Talbot-Matra Rancho, various Saabs, various old dealer promos), but nothing concrete. So, I’m gonna leave it up to YOU to suggest what I should buy! Think of it like the FP’s “What Car Should I Buy?”, just with diecasts. Here’s some guidelines:

-Has to be either:

•Quirky/rare (the car, not the diecast)

•Not ever sold in the US (Holden Ute, Renault Avantine, etc)

•Obscure/long-gone manufacturer (like Studebaker, Eagle, Geo, etc)

•really weird (think Pontiac Aztek)

-1/18ths, 1/24ths, 1/43rds, and 1/64ths preferably (no kooky scales (like 1/32nd or 1/74th) unless it’s reaaaallly interesting)


-Has to be under $48 (if shipping is over $10, include it in total price, ex. Something that’s $46 with $7 shipping is ok but something that’s $20 with $50 shipping is not)

Suggest away!

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