Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

What I Learned From The Jedi Master

By whom I mean Fintail (Thank You!), and what I learned was ESTATE SALES!
I saw a sign going up this morning while running my errands so I took a picture of it and checked it out when I got home. It starts tomorrow, but the force is strong in this one, I headed right up.
Took the guy by surprise kind of, he wasn’t expecting anyone today. I told him he didn’t have any “no early birds” on his sign and here I was.
I asked if there was any diecast in the sale. Long story short:

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Redlines, both original and 30th Anniversary Spoilers set, plenty of old Matchboxes including some broken ones, Huskys, Impys, Tootsies, more parts cars than I originally thought, and some plain junk. Par for the course, I guess.
A few of the old MBX are missing some tires, but that’s OK, I know where to get all kinds of parts!
A lot of these will be up for grabs after I do some research and put a little sale page together.

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