Things have been a bit slow lately. I thought I’d pull out one of my discussion topic ideas to bring us all together. Here’s a bit about my favorite shot.

A few months before I joined LaLD and when I was still just lurking on here, I came across a post by Enginerrrrrrrrr (not sure if that’s the right number of ‘r’s) where he shared his photo set-up. The post was just a paragraph of description and a photo of the set-up. In there, he noted that he used a “flashlight with a paper towel over the lens to disperse the light” and to “turn off the lights… and make sure it’s dark outside.” I didn’t really follow any of the other tips he had but his comments about the lighting was exactly what inspired me to play around and see what type of shots I could come up with.

So I played around a bit and taped some paper towels over my lamp with a 400 lumen daylight bulb. Tried doing the exposure thing but couldn’t get anything good with over half-a-second of exposure. Then I realized it’s probably too bright.

There happened to be two pieces of cardboard from soda fridge packs with reward codes lying on my desk. I slapped them on over my lamp. It got darker. A little too dark. But there was a little more brightness pointing towards the ceiling from the back of the lamp. So I flipped it over. And this is what I got.


It’s really dark. But just enough of a spotlight for a tiny car.

The result? Something you’ll probably find that looks oddly familiar. [I wonder why?]


I really like this shot. Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N148a Nissan GT-R Premium Edition, MY2017. It’s among my top three models in my collection. Really nice color to it, very realistic proportions, and even has a detailed contrasting interior that really pops when you look at it at the right angles. Just look at that “leather” steering wheel.

But enough about the model and the set-up, this is about the photo. The front of the car is slightly out of focus but overall everything else came out nicely. I usually shoot landscape but doing a portrait shot didn’t take anything away. You see the panel lines, you see the GT-R badge jutting out, you see that colored steering wheel. Words don’t do justice, it just looks so realistic... until you look at the side and see the marker right next to it. It doesn’t ruin the photo. It just makes you realize how even something so small can look so realistic. That’s exactly what I love about this photo, which sums up what I love about diecast.


Any shots of yours that you’d like to share? Feel free to share in the comments. You can even recycle it as a post by hitting the options button (three dots on the right after you post) and choosing “Share to Kinja”. Or better yet, write own post about your favorite shot. Let’s see what you’ve got! 

Felling inspired to get that perfect shot? Check out Enginerrrrrrr’s recent LaLD 101 post on Diecast Photography for tips to help you out on that quest!