Big things with little cars

What projects/customs are you guys working on?

Tires stolen from a Chevelle model kit...I think.

It seems I have my hands full currently with more projects than time, especially since my wife is due with the baby any day now. So what projects/customs are you guys and gals working in?

For me, I have this 1/25 Judge that I just cut a brand new rear axle and stoled some tires for (pictured above with said stolen tires that I customized); I also have a 1/24 El Camino that I need to re-work the rear axle to make it work. Currently it has no place for a rear axle, just tabs for the tires.

Older pic, but it works.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I still have my diorama to finish; I’m slightly stuck and just haven’t found the time to problem solve it. I can probably do that at work today though. I need to finish the tunnel before I glue it all together. But what should I use; plaster clothe or spackle? And I need more plaster clothe too. First world problems, am I right?

I also have two 1/64 customs I’m working on; a GL BB Ram 1500 and a Road Champs international soda truck. Both I’m unsure on how to proceed. My ideas keep changing by the day. The ram I wanted to chop the bed off, but I need a M2 truck for the flatbed to complete it. So I haven’t started until I get that casting.

Pictured her with shamelessly stolen Jada tires.

The international truck, well, I have an ambitious and crazy idea that I’m not sure will work. I was thinking of converting it into a flatbed, which will require a lot of foresight and planning. It’s an idea I’ve been playing with for the past week.


So that’s 5 projects from my household. So what are you guys up to?

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