From L to R: Lotus Exos T125 in John Player Special livery & Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid

Look what the postman dropped off!

On the left is the ill-fated Lotus Exos T125, in the traditional “John Player Special” black and gold livery that left Jeremy Clarkson feeling rather inadequate (cojones wise) a few years ago. This a 1/43 scale model from Wellys NEX.

On the right is Lewis Hamilton’s 2014 F1 Championship winning Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid. This is also a 1/43 scale model, this time from BBurago.

Will post individual pics of these at some point.

(P.S: Might be passing through Bangkok next month en-route to Samui for a vacation. Don’t have time to get out of the airport between flights, but is there any place where one can pick up model cars (Hot Wheels and such) at the airport or for that matter, Samui? Anyone reading this from Thailand, leave a comment?)