Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

What we want to see more of...

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So this list is what lald wants to see more of. I changed some things to make them more generic while trying to keep the original intention. Before you read the list, there’s something I want to say.


By all means, it is not expected that everyone will do all of these things listed. These are what us laldiecasters would like to see more of, and if you think you can do at least one of these things, awesome! LaLD is a community driven blog, we give it the content to make it interesting. If any of us can up our game to make it more enjoyable for us and others, why not try it? So give it a read, see if you can do anything yourself, :).

Any questions, ask away.

-Stories/Narrative in the post.

-More Reviews and possibly reviews so good Jalopnik shares them.

-Concours d’Modella reviews.

-Post all the/every hawls, even if it seems insignificant.

-Talk about the hawl, the story behind the casting.

-Vintage Brands/Castings.

-Odd/Neglected Brands/Castings.

-Theme day posts (get creative).

-Spreading the word of new castings hitting the stores.

-More ORAT (Off Road All Things).

-More comments (help the poster feel the diecast love).

-More gifs/movies.

-Techniques for customs and dioramas.

-Diecast awareness (unknown brands/castings, brand history).

-Tutorials for anything/everything.

-Tutorials that are step-by-step..

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