Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

It’s the middle of the week, we’re all bored at work (probably), and when grown ass men and women get bored, we play with diecast cars. So, what’s in your pocket today?

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Here’s mine. The Yenko Deuce is an older JL that I use as a keychain, but the chain part is removable so that’s a nice, easy way of sneaking it around. It’s been wheel swapped because I like old plastic Hot Wheels better, and the grille has been spray painter silver to give it that Matchbox feel, so I guess you can say this custom actually downgraded the model.

The Dodge D100 I just picked up in my lunch break. After passing on it several times, it finally grew on me enough that I had to have one, and it’ll probably get a few details done to it later at home to actually bring it closer to what the Nova looks like. 

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