The state of collecting around here is strange. I live just a little south of Omaha, Nebraska and I never know what I’ll find when I head out.

Today I went to the store in my town and found a Bad Mudder super TH in a dump bin. I find stuff like this relatively often in my little town but in the city just a few miles north I never find anything. I haven’t even found a 50th anniversary car yet and I’ve never found a Target Red Edition.

I had an employee at Walmart tell me she saves all the Treasure Hunts and other cars on a list provided for a “collector” that pays her cash on the side for doing so.

Anyway, here’s my new Bad Mudder, maybe I’ll score some 50ths around Christmas.

What’s it like where you live? Are the pegs still full of old stock? Do you have to get up early and run through the aisles when the doors open?