Let’s take a tour! I had to wedge my new Renault into the herd. Here’s what I have for a 1:18 collection :)

First off is a Toyota 2000GT by AutoArt. It’s spectacular in every way and still one of my most favorite cars ever made. The silver version is gorgeous and I don’t need to explain how amazing AutoArt cars are.

Next up. Alfa-Romeo Montreal in Orange by AutoArt. Another amazing car that I am glad I picked up when AutoArt prices were somewhat reasonable.

Recently acquired Renault 30TS V6. This is probably the most AP car of the collection. So, it goes pretty much in the center for all to admire.


Beverly Hills Cop Chevy Nova by GMP. Still my all-time favorite movie ride <3


Kaiser Henry J by SunStar. One of the original pioneers of the small car design. A handsome little car that deserves a full review someday.

My 1:18 Grail car. Renault Clio V6 by Universal Hobbies.


This was my very first 1:18 scale car. Honda S2000 by AutoArt. A gift from my father when he was a parts manager for a Honda Dealership. They gave him this car as a gift and he handed it down to me. My first premium 1:18 car (and I didn’t even know what a premium 1:18 car was at the time!)

Bonus: 1:24 scale AMC Gremlin that resides on a lower shelf. Get’s a lot of attention when we have guests!


I’m not entirely sure how I will wedge more 1:18 cars on this shelf really. I might have to invade neighbor shelves and compete for space with my wife’s carnival glass collection! Thanks for looking.