The wife went to visit relatives this morning. I opened a liter of rum at 11:00 AM today. So this post might have some bad grammar (they probably all do). Lets strap in for some “Random thought Wednesday”, brought to you by Nodles(Rum!).

The Subaru Brat interior fits incredibly.

The vacuum formed bubble was an “Epic Fail”. The vacuum has been replaced with a straw (Yes a drinking straw). I’m gonna need a bit more control over the suction and I’m switching to a thicker plastic so the hair dryer might actually work as suggested by vdubyajohn & philipilihp.

Still a bit of work on the base of the Datsub. Due to the amount of rum ingested already this will be a tomorrow project.


For the first time the base and body have an interior between them. A bit of sanding will be needed to smooth things out.


Bugatti update:

I’m trying to get the motor attached to the fender piece.


I’ve removed both posts. This will not be easy to put together. I somehow keep making it harder.

I can’t seem to stop stabbing my fingers. This is a painful custom.


I’ve even turned the front bumper into 2 razor sharp needles.

If you’ve noticed that I’m not holding the base with my fingers anymore... It’s because I’ve stabbed my fingers too many times today with needle files & bumpers. My fingers hurt (customizing is a dangerous game).


Here’s an upcoming project.

Open palm.... Seriously, MY FINGERS HURT!

This “Screamin Hauler” came with an Ebay order. I can’t help but think it would make a sweet boat. Just flipped upside down.


Open palm.

Doggo for your time.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.