Greetings and welcome to another crazy episode of Wheel Swap Madness! Today we have two cars that can be enjoyed at high speeds. Except one of them is marred with wheels that don’t suit it’s overall beauty.

The legendary Lamborghini Miura deserves racing slicks. Hell, it was born with racing slicks when it came out of the cow’s womb. (I’m sorry, Lambos are not born from Bulls, contrary to popular belief.) This Miura is moments away from getting a full paint strip. Let’s see what it looks like with some proper wheels.

Sammy Swindell’s NASCAR Ford Thunderbird has some Bull heritage of it’s own! Heritage of the edible variety... Those silly Americans, always eating animals when the rest of the world is immortalizing them with legendary vehicles.

Overall, that Lambo looks lovely. <3 The stance is about 2 mm too high and that will be fixed during the restoration. I am not totally in love with the GoodYear writing on the tires and I feel slightly guilty that the wheels are the same thickness front and rear. This was a good test. I might hunt down something similar without writing to compliment the Miura’s understated character. These GoodYear slicks probably would look right at home on a Ford GT. Hmmmmm...



Thanks for looking!